Bryson Kemp

Music Composer for Film, TV, Podcasts, Marketing Videos




February 21, 2018

Video Game music, some retro, some modern

March 8, 2018

As you sip your Irish coffee, contemplate your next chapter

January 31, 2018

Grab a Blue Moon, kick back, and enjoy the Eclipse


January 24, 2018

For your after-dinner refreshment:


January 8, 2018

BK toppings added to an already prepared dish (Spitfire Audio marketing video competition)


November 11, 2017

One dish, two different preparations:


November 4, 2017

Basic Dish: Simple melodic piano theme

Variations of Theme, Made to Order!

Variation 1 (Film Scene: Love Lost)

Variation 2 (Silent Film)

Variation 3 (Podcast Theme)

Variation 4 (Contemplative Musings)


All ingredients locally sourced.  Check back for more fresh options.


Other Work:

Podcast Music


Three samples from The Girl Who Talks to Butterflies, a musical written by Veronica Bocian (work in progress)

Wrinkle Lines will feature all "classroom instruments" (e.g. ukulele, recorder, shakers)


From the film Unscathed, best score for short drama at the 2017 Garden State Film Festival.